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Rates | Reservations

Abe Martin Lodge operates different types of cabins to suit your various needs. Cabins are very popular, so reserve early!

Family Housekeeping Cabins

Family Housekeeping CabinTwenty completely furnished, family housekeeping cabins (2 of which are wheelchair accessible) are available year-round. These are modern cabins with electric or wood heating and air-conditioning. Family cabins, each sleeping 8 people, offer privacy and comfort with bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and modern bathroom facilities. Family cabins are furnished with dishes, kitchen utensils, pots & pans, linens/blankets and pillows.

Rustic Sleeping Cabin Rooms

Rustic Sleeping Cabin RoomsAbe Martin Lodge also offers 24 sleeping cabins with a total of 56 bedrooms. Sleeping cabins contain either 2 or 4 complete motel units. In many cases, there are connecting doors which can be unlocked to make a suite of 2 bedrooms.

The original sleeping cabins (built in 1932) are paneled, motel-style rooms with electric heat and air-conditioning, carpeting (or wood floors), color television and a bathroom with shower. Linens, towels, etc. are furnished, but there are no kitchen facilities.

The sleeping cabin rooms are open from April through October.


Note: This is not the official Park website. However, it is the most complete and easy-to-use site, with everything you need to plan a trip to Brown County State Park.